Küferei Kardos & Kertész, Pöcking / Starnberg

Hot Tub & Whirl Tub

Our hot tubs are made of acacia (robinia). They are available in different sizes for 2 - 10 people. They are equipped with our patented below the bench stainles steel oven inc. seperation, chimney pipe incl. protection, drain with rubber plug, fixed mounted seats, ladder or stairscase and beverage tray(s). Optionally we offer a cartridge filter or sand filter system and covers.

The interior for Whirl Tubs is identical with the Hot Tubs; additional with a light- and bubble system. Instead of the ladder the Whirl Tub comes with a 3-step staircase.

To sale hot tubs & whirl tubs with our patented stainless steel woodstove without our express permission is prohibited and will be prosecuted!