Küferei Kardos & Kertész, Pöcking / Starnberg

There is no online shop here!Why?

Most of our products we manufacture on customer order.
You can send us a individual request via email: info
We would also be happy to send you the current price list(s).

Our office hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The office is closed on weekends and german public holidays.

new water container - special offer!
only while stocks last
water container accacia h 80 x Ø 60 cm - 150 L

with galvanized fitting (without lid)

new oak barrels - special!
only while stocks last

oak barrel h 95 x Ø 70 cm - 225 L
with galvanized fittings - never filled before -
use for example as a standing table (closed)
or as a water barrel (top open)
with separate lid Ø 56 cm inclusive metal handle

new oak barrels á 200 L w/ galvanized fittings
h 85 x Ø 60/75 cm bottom/belly

all prices upon request (errors and changes are reserved)